Welcome Kevin Levrone Fans!

So you’re a fan of IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Bodybuilding Legend Kevin Levrone. Congratulations. It takes the heart of a lion to be a Levronite. This is a fan page dedicated to the appreciation of one of the all time greatest bodybuilders in history. Kevin Levrone is a 4-time Mr. Olympia runner-up and a 3-time Arnold Classic winner. His records and accomplishments in the world of bodybuilding may never be broken.

Born and raised in suburban Maryland, Kevin grew from a skinny child to become one of the most massive and symmetrical bodybuilders of all time. His moniker, the Maryland Muscle Machine stuck with him all these years and his best-selling DVD M3 is still one of the most popular bodybuilding DVDs in the world if you’re lucky enough to find it.

Join us in showing our appreciation for Kevin Levrone by adding your comments and input here. It’s not always easy being the best. But we have to respect those who dare to try.