Kevin Levrone is the winningest professional bodybuilder of all time. During his 13 year professional career, Kevin racked up 34 IFBB Pro wins to go along with 23 2nd place finishes, including 4 Mr. Olympia runner-up victories. He won the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Bodybuilding Competition three times and won nearly every show he ever entered at least once, including every European Grand Prix championship.

Kevin, who was born and raised in suburban Maryland, is known to his fans as the ‘Maryland Muscle Machine’ and his two training videos ‘Full Blown’ and ‘M3: Maryland Muscle Machine’ have sold millions of copies worldwide and are widely considered by bodybuilding video critics to be the finest training videos every produced.

While still competing as a professional bodybuilder, Kevin and his rock band Fulbown were signed to Atlantic Records, where they released their first album, which featured Billboard Top 40 Rock hits such as Dosvedonia, Burning Bridges and Castaway. After a successful worldwide tour in support of the album, which saw them perform in front of millions of fans on six continents, the band returned to the States to begin writing and recording a second album.

In 2003, Kevin entered and competed in his final bodybuilding competition — the 2003 Mr. Olympia, in which he placed 6th. Recognizing that it was time to move on, Kevin turned his attention to a longtime passion of his — acting.

After retiring from professional bodybuilding, Kevin pursued an acting career that saw him land roles in Hollywood blockbusters such as Redline and Believe. After conquering Tinseltown, Kevin returned to his roots and native Maryland to be closer to his family, where he then launched a new supplement company called Levrone Nutrition. His first product, aptly titled, the Levrone Formula, did more than $5 Million in sales during its first year and led to the launch of two additional products that are sure to break even more supplement sales records.

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