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  1. Kevin my name is juliette I live in uk I would be grateful if you could contact me on the above email which is my daughters or contact me on 007780218495 I would like you to help me with my training I would like to do wbff in april but I have nobody to look at me due to my financial challenges if u contact me I could send u my photo and u can tell me what I need to work on the reason I contacted you is the simple reason you are a man of god and I believe you will have a heart to see me achieve my dream looking forward to hear from you thank you

  2. hi mr levrone my name is alex i’m from italy and i’m an amateur men’s physique athlete and i want to know if u prepare for contest and ur year cost
    wait ur reply

  3. Hey Kevin!! Was wondering if i could buy a autographed photo of you for my brother for his B Day? You are our all time favorite bodybuilder! You are the all time best to ever walk the stage bro!

  4. hello, i’m in iran &i want to download the video file of (Kevin.Levrone.Maryland.Muscle.Machine-BBV) but that links cleard in rapidshare server please help me to download-thank you

  5. Dear Kevin Levrone,

    I am a big fan of you ! I am very strict about copyrights, so I would like to let you know…Not so long ago, I’ve found “Kevin Levrone – Maryland Muscle Machine” movie on Youtube – the film was illegally translated into Russian language. At the expense of your DVD, the owner of this channel ( energetically promotes nutrition shops and other brands for the money they pay him to post a commercial in the translated videos! Please, find the links below to confirm my words:

    Just wanted to let you know because I had an experience when people used my materials to make money on them. Please, teach this channel ( how to respect the copyrights !

    Best regards, Kristian …

  6. Hi Kevin,

    Recently, I discovered that the following site – MMPF is illegally (and without proper authorization) using NPC and IFBB professionals’ photos and images (click on the link below):

    In particular, you (Kevin Levrone) are on the front page (and there appears to back shots of Dennis Wolf and Jay Cutler). The site/forum may be considered “lewd and questionable”.

    At a minimum, this may be considered defamation of character and perhaps infringes upon your exclusive intellectual property copyrights.

    I intend to alert IFBB (Jim Manion – Chairman and Bob Cicherillo – Athlete Representative) about the illegal and unauthorized use of IFBB professionals’ photos and images the website / forum.

    The name of the owner and administrator of the site is Yannick.

    Best Regards,

    Concerned Fan

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